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Highland Park Composite includes grade 7-12 riders from Highland and neighboring schools including Twin Cities Academy, Mendota Heights Gethsemane, TCA, SPA, Avalon and Henry Sibley. We are part of the Minnesota High School Cycling League.
We have lots of fun rides, some hard practices, and races for competitors. Everyone rides - a great way to develop a lifelong healthy sport. Interested in joining? click here.

What's Hot - News

Team Calendar

The embedded Google calendar below is a public mirror of our TeamSnap hosted calendar. You can add it to your phone or computer (Google it!)

Racing - NICA

Summer Race Season (2017)

HPMTB Facebook Page

A great source of fun and interesting mountain biking news. Check out a related "feed" of local mountain biking news.

Practice Info

  • Our educational goals.
  • We typically practice Tues/Thur and Sat (hours and days can vary with daylight). See the Team Calendar (above) for time and place and our Trails and Sites for directions and trail info.
  • We monitor MORC Trail Conditionsprior to practices and may change sites as needed. We don't ride wet trails.
  • If there is active thunder, lightning, hail (official storm warning) we will cancel practice. We practice in rain; dress for being wet.
  • Practice cancellations or quick changes: update Calendar, send out email to the list and send out TeamSnap alert. If we are short ride leaders 36h prior to practice we will cancel.

See also our training books and videos page and Required tool kit for practice. Be sure you are prepared. Don't be THAT rider


For both on and off-season, anyone can join our optional Strava group.
(If you are logged into the Strava group you see last names below, otherwise first name and initial.)


We shared photo links by email.
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